Werewolves in the Mist

An Ode to a Glorious Dwarf
With apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Charge of Old Wolf

Only 20 feet, only 20 feet,
Only 20 feet onward
All in the Abbey of Death
Strode the dwarf worth a hundred
‘Forward, I’ve had quite enough!
Charge the corpse bride!’ he said.
Into the Abbey of death
Charged the dwarf worth a hundred

Abbot to the right of him,
Mongrel to left of him,
Corpse bride in front of him
Volleyed and thundered;
Stormed at with shove and claw,
Into the jaws of death,
Into the mouth of hell
Charged the dwarf worth a hundred.

While raging at both claw and shell,
Our brave hero did fell.
He had fought so well
Through the jaws of death,
Through the mouth hell,
All that was left of him,
Left of the dwarf worth a hundred.

When can his glory fade?
O that wild charge he made!
All the room wondered.
Honor the charge he made!
Honor his doomed crusade,
Noble dwarf worth a hundred.

Ven's Journal Entry 45

We are splintering. As brittle as old bone. Our bonds were tentative at best, even from the start, but I think we might be coming to the end of this party. These sarcophagi have granted us powers and all but Adrian have taken boons from them. For every boon Thad has taken, Adrian seems to distrust him more and more. With as volatile as Adrian has become, I would not want to be on his bad side.

For myself, I’ve only taken two boons. I didn’t notice any physical changes until a shard of rock sliced my arm. It was a shallow wound but what seeped from the cut was a black viscous fluid. It seems fitting that my blood has turned black.

I’m beginning to think that since the Tarroka reading didn’t send us here, that we won’t find anything of import.

It finally happened

I hope this is the last entry for this god forsaken “temple”. I found a statue that was so fascinating. I have no idea why, but it seemed to have some power over me. Once i broke the spell I tried to avoid it completely. We found a secret room with a skeleton of an old wizard, and a sealed box on a claw in the back room. we left this in the room with him and left. Going back to the other side of the temple and fought the iron golem. We followed the final staircase down and found more of these sarcophagi. I turned around and left, but got called back down to find Adrien fighting Thad, or what is left of Thad nowadays. ……..

Blood runs red (or black) in the Amber Temple

Still so damn cold. Met a Lich yesterday. How many times in your life can you say that and still be alive to journal about it? At any rate it was a relative normal day in the temple:

1. Met some undead (the Lich)
2. Touched a stone that granted me a kind of knowledge (true sight)
3. Defeated an Amber Golem

We’re all going to die anyway. So odd I think that way, when normally I am so optimistic! Ah well I’ll die with a smile on my face and a song in my heart! Death comes for us all.

PS: Either the rogue has lost it (besides how he looks, smells) but he finally pushed the wizard too far (he of fireball fame). One of them might die.

Death comes for us all.

Amber Temple, part too many

Finally, we have spent the night in this God forsaken temple, although i would have preferred that we were not here at all. We have found many amber sarcophagi, which speak strange voices into our heads, and supposedly grant us powers, but they do come at a cost. I have felt nervous ever since accepting on of their powers. Even with this, I have been drawn to a couple specific ones. Both have offered me the power over death, which I could use to bring back Ergan and Martess, but at what cost. I doubt they will ever return to their old selves, there is always a catch, as the Devil Strahd has shown me already. We seek a way to weaken this monster, though I am not sure we will find it here. Having fought those flaming skulls and the wizard in the statue again, we encountered some witches who we not exactly friendly. I am ready to meet the evil Strahd, and end him once and for all. I will not be able to do this alone, and hope my companions will be ready.

On our journey to the Amber Temple
Damn it's cold

On our journey to the Amber Temple
By Barrimos “Barry” Toan

Ah the weather outside was dreadful
And the wind was oh so woeful
But to this cold weather way I say
‘Go away, go away, go away’!

I think the Dwarf thinks it amazing
Despite the roads we travel having a glazing
And colder and colder I get
H-h-h-hold a minute while I d-d-d-deal with a shivering fit

Not matter what I do I can’t get warm at all
Perhaps if the wizard would cast a fireball?

Our Adventure into Berez

We finished exploring the mansion and took a nap and slept the night there.
As we were leaving, I used detect magic out front and learned that the painting that Thad found was magical. Ven investigated it more and got a saying off it.
We started towards Berez. On our way, we noticed very dense fog and saw a light flashing across the river. We went to the light and someone told us some information that help us.
We went into the town of Berez and started exploring the town. We found a ghost who answered some of our questions about the hag and the town itself.

A poem to the fair Esmeralda
Peg Leg Essy

Peg Leg Esmeralda went out one night to get a little gin
She went up to the baron’s house, but the baron wasn’t in
She rapped and rapped and rapped and rapped, she rapped all night in vain
When all of a sudden came a ‘knock’, ‘knock’, ‘knock’ upon the window pane
Up to the window, she turned her head and the baron she did spy
And she thought by the way he turned his head, that he should surely die
“Come down, come down,” said Peg Leg Esmeralda “and sit on the porch with me”
There down he came and sat on the porch as evil and majestic as ever you’d see
But all of a sudden, here came von Richten, driving the village hack
With a roar, a bellow a ‘hey young fellow’, he started for the Baron in black
The Baron went off with a yip and a shout, for life to him was sweet
And Esmeralda’s peg leg went ‘knock’, ‘knock’, ‘knock’ down the village street
The old mule cried, the fat lady screamed, the constable let out a yell
She grabbed old man Von Richten by the collar and locked him in the cell
Peg Leg Esmeralda, she hurried back to the Baron to kill him in his bed
But found that he had gone and married a girl named Tatiana instead
Poor Esmeralda, she cried and then she bellowed and then began to roar
She jumped on a ship with her ‘knock’, ‘knock’, ‘knock’ and sailed away from shore
She sailed away, so far away, she sailed as fast as sin
But alas for poor Esmeralda the fog only allows you in

What is family?

Family, a word that brings great joy to my heart. My family, is my greatest treasure. The little sister whose laugh sounds like tinkling bells. My mother who raised us to be the best in whatever we wanted to do.

This place has been torn apart by Strahd. Even an order if knights will stand by and do nothing to help the land and people that need their help. They are no family. My “comrades”, I was told by my mother an adventure party could end up being almost a second family. I do not think that will happen here. Not with this party. Too many different ideologies. Too many out for themselves.

Madam Eva was right..

A Poem to the Undead Captain

I wonder what feeling is in your veins?
Your frostbitten heart, and probably mush for brains.
After so many long years walking in pain
what can melt your lungs so you can breathe again

Some spell so short
Of which I hope to name?
What were you before
you became a creature of pain
How can I awaken the parts of you that are dead?
Begin your beating heart instead of being undead?

Can this be true?
Can there be cure?
What can make you fall?
Besides a well-placed fireball?

Could it be said that this is it
The fire that reawakens you bit by bit.


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