Werewolves in the Mist

Finally able to get rid of Irena and Ismark

Finally, we made it back to Krezk and got the okay to leave Irena and Ismark there.

Andor, Adrien, Thad and I started walking around exploring the town. We came up on a house that seems to be more active and we saw some women run to the house. We realized that a woman in the house was giving birth. We walked in to offer our help. They need our help and delivered a healthy baby boy that does not cry. Which I thought was a bit strange. Andor did his spell thing that checks for undead creatures in the room and the baby checked out to be alive.

We made it up to the pool and Irena started have this weird conversation with a figure in the water. After the conversation, Irena went into the water and disappeared. Then a thunderstorm came with the voice “She is Mine!”. The thunder Hit Ismark killing him.

We went back to the burgomaster’s house to reconnect with the rest of the group. The next morning, we headed up to the Abbey and encountered two very weird creatures named Zigfrak and Otto.



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