Werewolves in the Mist

New Friends At Last!

Barrimos here (Two Rs and one S please remember!) and at last! I’ve found companions who know what the sword coast is. I feel so pleased to have found them. They are quite the group and seem to have run afoul of some druids and some legendary vampire lord. At least the vampire isn’t some sort of angsty teenager! The group itself seems okay but their wizard seemed to want to stress on me the importance of what his hands look like while casting a fireball spell v a fire bolt…I’m not sure if he is warning me or trying to teach me a lesson?

Needless to say I hope to tag along with them and record their epic adventures. Speaking of adventures we were thrown into one almost immediately! I was able to join the group in tackling those zany Druids and putting an end to their nefarious plot to destroy the winery. Of course the winery until all the gems are found is out of business anyway. Still the adventure was quite amazing and will certainly make for a good song…Maybe a poem?

Unfortunately one of our companions turned out to be a vampire and when the Paladin pointed this out to her she grew quite distressed. It was about this time we saw the giant plant man the druids were bringing to life. So here we were fighting among ourselves when giant twig man (evidently an effigy of the aforementioned Vampire Lord) began to walk towards us. A pitched battle ensued and we successfully destroyed the creature! Huzzah!

We made our way up the hill and encountered more Druids and eventually an old tree which we theorized was the source of the power of the twigs. Despite being tired we once more launched ourselves into the fray and destroyed the deciduous evil from this plane of existence!

Now…as long as the wizard doesn’t cook with me a fire bolt or fireball, I think things will be much better going forward!



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