Barrimos Toan

Quick witted Bard


Barrimos (Two R’s and One S please!) is self described clever wit and glorious singing bard. He was trained in the church of Deneir to love all knowledge including stories, song, books, and poetry. He is slightly taller than usual half elf with Brown hair and Hazel eyes.


As the fifth son of a wealthy family, Barrimos was destined for a life in the church. Being a
bit of a rascal his parents decided that he would embrace this life sooner than later and the young age of five he was ushered off to become a priest of Deneir. His instructors soon recognized some rare musical gifts in young Barrimos and shifted his study away from religion to music, art and literature. Once 18 he was instructed to spread and acquire the gifts of Deneir (knowledge and stories of great deeds) and bring these back to the temple. Any poetry, song, book or story should be acquired as offerings to Deneir.

Barrimos Toan

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