Ismark Kolyanovich

Son of the recently deceased burgomaster of Barovia Village


Male Human (Borovian)
25 years old


Ismark Kolyanovich is the son of the deceased burgomaster of Barovia village.

Ismark is calm, cool, and collected despite his horrific circumstances. A shrewd politician in his own right, he has never held much love for Barovia Village, refusing the title of Burgomaster following his father’s death in favor of protecting and looking after his sister, Ireena.

Ismark is a good man and is quite brave. He is afraid of Strahd, like most of Barovia, but is more afraid about Strahd taking Ireena from him. Ismark will die before he lets the vampire do that.

He’s a relatively skilled swordsman. He is no soldier, but he has spent most of his adult life training with weapons in the hope of one day confronting and killing Strahd.

Ismark Kolyanovich

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