Thadius Therman


I was born in the small village of Secomber. My mother’s name was Cheri Therman.

I never knew who my father was, only that he was an elf. This became known as I found that my ears were a little more elongated than my friends, even a little pointed. They weren’t as pointy as the elves I would see coming into town with groups of adventurers.

Something else that that became readily apparent was that I could see in the dark when my friends couldn’t. My mother finally told me after I noticed the changes. It seemed that she had become quite enamored with an Elven bard whom she had met while working in an inn in Waterdeep as a barmaid. The only name she knew him as was Laucian. As soon as she realized she was with child, she left and moved to Secomber. She told everyone that her husband had been an adventurer and had been killed in his travels.

Mother worked as the cook in the Dancing Pig inn while I spent many hours playing with the owners’ son Aldric in the common room of the inn. We were pretty much inseparable.

Throughout developing years I found that I had a knack for being able to persuade people and on occasion to deceive people without them realizing they had been manipulated. I worked at becoming very adept with these skills.

In my teen years I would often help Aldric do his chores in the inn so we could go out and play. We were quite adventurous and could likely be found in or within a few miles of town. Once when in our early teens we borrowed (stole) a small rowboat and rowed up the River Delimbiyr for a couple of miles. Having had our fun, we got out and gave the boat a push out into the current and made our way home overland. As kids, we never realized the danger we may have been being that far from a town by ourselves.

When I was 17 my mother came down with a fatal illness and left me with not much. Not having any useful skills that translated it an income in Secomber, I said my goodbyes to Aldric, his family, my few other friends and hit the road.

I ended up spending a couple of years in Waterdeep. This is where I met a young Halfling Cade who taught me a few new skills: lock picking, pocket picking, how to find and disarm traps and how to be an all-around sneaky person. He was also the one who taught me how to use a rapier to defend myself. Cade and I would run a scam where I would use my charm to distract an inn patron and Cade would make off with the purse.

Waterdeep is where Cade and I fleeced a man out of a large sum of gold. He turned out to be a high mucky muck from Balder’s Gate. He figured out what had happened is on the lookout for both of us. I am always on the lookout for him to stay out of his way. It is possible that what I have learned since then, I may be able to disguise myself to where he would not recognize me. I hope so.

Later I joined a small group of adventurers to see a little more of the world. Well, it turned out to be not much that I saw. I did meet Kormak, a young dwarf fighter and we became good friends. We travelled together for close to a year before the group disbanded when we had a particularly dangerous adventure near Loudwater where only three of us survived out of the original six. Even I was severely injured and took over four months to fully recover.

Now that I have recovered, I have setup shop in Daggerford. I would have liked to have had Kormak come with me, but he decided to stay in Loudwater for a while longer.

Personality trait(s): Flattery is my preferred trick for getting what I want

Ideal: Independence : I am a free spirit — no one tells me what to do.

Bond: I fleeced the wrong person and must work to ensure that this individual and I never cross paths.

Flaw: I’m convinced that no one could ever fool me the way I fool others.

Personal goal: To find the elf bard Laucian and find out why he abandoned my mother and me.

Thadius Therman

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