Werewolves in the Mist

Tarokka reading

Madam Eva draws cards from her deck and arranges them face down in a cross pattern on the table. Turning the first card over she says, “This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will I help you better understand your enemy.” The card that is revealed is The Wizard. Madam Eva tells you, “Look for a wizard’s tower on a lake. Let the wizard’s name and servant guide you to that which you seek.”

The woman turns over the second card. “This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope.” The Enchanter. “I see a kneeling woman – a rose of great beauty plucked too soon. The master of the marsh knows of whom I speak.”

Madam Eva continues. “This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance: a sword of sunlight.” The third card revealed is The Paladin. “I see a sleeping prince, a servant of light and the brother of darkness. The treasure lies with him.”

“This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness.” The Mists. “A Vistana wanders this land alone, searching for her mentor. She does not stay in one place for long. Seek her out at Saint Markovia’s abbey, near the mists.”

Madam Eva pauses before turning the final card. “Your enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are beyond mortality. This card will lead you to him!” The card is The Darklord. “He lurks in the depths of darkness, in the one place to which he must return.”

A Confused Thad

Things have been different. I don’t know really why. Ever since I had that dream while we were in the death house, I feel different. Almost any food I eat makes me sick. I have tried wines, water, and trail rations. Yup, they all made me feel horrid.

I don’t know why, but I grabbed a brown wilted flower from the room in Ismark’s house where they had kept his brothers’ coffin. I was so hungry. It went down fine and took the edge off my hunger just a little. Why did that wilted flower not bother me where normal real food tears up my stomach.

Well enough of that. The group left Barovia with Ismark & Ireena Kolyana. Our task is to get her to Vallaki. We thought that it wouldn’t be too hard since it is only about a day’s hike. Yeah right.

First we came upon a small graveyard that was overshadowed by an old gallows. When we first saw it, there was a frayed rope fluttering in the small breeze. I looked away and back, and there was a body hanging from a noose. The body was of some local and was all grey. I heard Ven say she might cast Mage hand and touch the body. Rendel started moving forward to look closer. Then a spectral hand appeared near the body and then touched it. The body crumbled to dust and was blown away on the breeze.

I had the strange feeling of the texture of the cloth that had been on the body. I looked at Ven and she was just standing there looking mystified.

We looked at the small grave area and there was about 8 or nine headstones, all blank. Strange. Then we saw an open grave with a carved headstone. I moved closer and saw the name of our dwarven cleric carved there. But he is not dead.

Then we got to the Vistani camp. This got spooky real fast. The old lady in the tent seemed to know all our names before we even told her. She dealt out 5 cards from a weird deck of cards and told a kind of fortune. But the spookiest was when she gave personal readings. She seemed to know that I could not eat normal food and I had told no one. There were other things that she said, that I will have to think about for a while.

We also had a battle with wolves, hellhounds and even three dire wolves. I don’t know why, but I felt that I could have done things different. Not a clue what.

We final make it to Vallaki just before they closed the palisade gates for the night. I think we will head to church and spend the night. Days like this really make me wonder what is going on.

Ven's Journal Entry 39

These roads are so familiar. Each bend and curve in the path reminds me of… something. Sometime. Somewhere.

A strange thing happened yesterday. On this path, this path that I may have traveled before, stood a gallows. It was a disused construction but as we passed it there was… a figure. It seemed to have appeared out of nothing. Maylynn seemed especially distressed but her ramblings made no sense. Then, as subtly as it had appeared, it was gone. It seemed to melt into a pile of desiccated remains. I thought I saw the shimmering of a magic hand touch the hanged man before it crumbled away. I had considered touching the thing with my own mage’s hand but didn’t. How peculiar.

Off the road a way, behind the gallows, stood a graveyard. All of the headstones were blank but one. The marked headstone stood above an open grave. I didn’t see anything inside the grave and the pile of dirt next to it didn’t seem especially fresh. The marker read “Valko Frostbelly”. Old Wolf had been somewhat distant during that days travels but I understand. People have said the same about me. Although, seeing such an omen may have taken me out of my reverie.

Needless to say, we moved on from that portentous place very quickly. We were delayed by some creatures that we later learned were hell hounds and their ilk. Possibly minions of Strahd?

The vistani are a strange folk. We came upon their camp and this… Eva seemed to know our names and to have been waiting for our arrival. I do not trust these people. But this tarokka… this is poetry. The poetry of seers.

Maylynn's Journal Entry

We left Barovia with Ismark and his sister Ireena to get Ireena to Vallaki to be safe from Strahd. While on our way we walked by this graveyard, we saw a body hanging from a rope. When I looked at it better, I recognized myself as the body hanging there. I tried letting the others know and they just tried to convince me it was some local guy. Then Ven was going to touch it and Thad was walking towards it and that is when I noticed the body crumbled and turned into dust and blew away with the wind. We looked at the graves and noticed 8 or 9 of the headstones were blank, and one of the headstones that our buddy’s name on it, but he is not dead. So that was really creepy along with seeing myself hanging from rope in a tree.

We then ran into some wolves, dire wolves, and hellhounds and survived.

We then arrived at the Vistani Camp, and that is where things started to get a little spooky. The lady in the big tent invited us in and knew our names before we told her, and then did this weird fortune telling thing with cards for the whole group and then personal readings for everyone else.

We finally made it to Vallaki and plan on heading to the church for the night.

Andor's Journal entry.

I have joined a group of adventurers that I met at the Inn in Barovia. They seem friendly enough, although a couple of them are a bit odd. Anyway, I found out that I had been tricked and the Burgomaster is already dead. This strange Strahd vampire is keeping anyone from leaving, and is obsessed with Ireena Kolyana. After taking her to the chapel in Barovia, Strahd showed up with some of his minions. We were able to deal with his minions, and with the help of Kord I sent Strahd away…. for now.

We have traveled to Vallaki and plan to stay in the Church and see what we can find out here, I hope to find Ergan and Martess in this place. We stopped at a Vistani camp along the way, and met a fortune teller named Eva. She gave us a strange reading involving a wizard, and enchanter, a Paladin, the mists, and the Darklord. Not sure how much I trust her, but it is worth remembering, as this is a strange place. She gave me a personal reading saying that I will find something and lose something, but I will have great opportunity. Such is life, so she may be just another gypsy looking for money.

Ven's Journal Entry 38

When I entered the church and heard the cries of a child from below the floorboards I was a young child again. I could smell the dank cellar and hear the muffled voices overhead. The darkness nearly overwhelmed me, but then I felt the tingle of magic that It had given me. Both the magic and It’s presence comforted me. Broken out of my reverie I became angry. I would rather have died than live the rest of my life in that cellar. I could see the shock in my companions expressions as I confronted the Donavich. He excused his behavior saying that his son had become a vampire. Either way, I knew what I had to do.

I managed to stay behind and Maylynn and I tried to take the beast on. We failed miserably and I was bitten. What a jest it would be to become a monster after all this time. I wonder if It would stay with me if I turned?

If we were unable to put Strahd’s spawn to rest, what chance have we against the devil himself?

Westward, ho!

Preparations complete, characters fully rested, the party, now consisting of Adrien, Andor, Ismark, Ireena, Maylynn, Thadius, Old Wolf, and Ven head due west from the burgmaster’s mansion until coming upon the Old Svalich Road which leads southwest into the valley.
You noticed a raven perched upon the twisted gates to the mansion when you left, and you’ve caught sight of that raven, or perhaps another one, flying high above you several times this morning. Ireena remarks that this is a good omen.
The day is overcast, as usual, but slightly less foggy than the past several days and the road isn’t too muddy.

Fr. Donavich's farewell

Following the events at the church and cemetery, the party rests up and prepares to depart Barovia Village for Vallaki. In the middle of the afternoon, Fr. Donavich seeks out Old Wolf and Andor. “I apologize for this morning, but you must understand, I love my son! I still have hope that he may yet be saved. If I lose that hope…. well, I fear I would have nothing left to live for.” He pauses, seemingly uncertain about how to proceed. After a moment, he continues, “Doru has been quieter today, and I’ve had time to think. Seeing you fight off the devil Strahd was…. amazing, inspiring! Perhaps the Morninglord has heard my prayers after all.” He hands you a wineskin. “Please take this. I don’t think The Morninglord would approve of how I have been using its powers.” He straightens up. “Thank you for rekindling my faith. I hadn’t realized the depths of my own despair. You have brought a bit of light into this land and I can neglect the people of the village no longer.” He turns to leave. “If you should discover some means to save my son, I would be eternally grateful. Safe travels. May the Morninglord light your way.” He then departs back to his church.

Thad's Personal Musings

The personal musings of Thad

I’m not too sure just what is going on. It seems that ever since went through those large gates, the world has changed for the worse.

As an example, after spending the night on the road, we came to a strange town. We walked along several streets and saw no one moving, even though it was time that businesses would be open. I think that the town is called Barovia. It only gets stranger.

After a short while of walking on the deserted streets, I spied a couple of children standing alone in the center of the road. It took a few minutes of talking to find out that they were Rose Valda an eleven year old girl and her younger brother Thorn, a seven year old. Soon they revealed that they were afraid to go home because there was a monster locked up in the basement. Their house was just across the street from where we were. They also told us that their younger brother Walter was on the second floor in the nursery. Rose said that she didn’t know where their parents were.

We asked if they would like us to get rid of the monster for them and Rose said yes. While most of us were figuring out how to proceed, our dwarf barbarian Dench went up to the door and started to go in. The rest of us finally got him to wait for the rest of us. Dench seems to run into a fight, a door, never thinking what may happen or that he should wait for the rest of us. Sometimes I wonder if he has a death wish by the way he acts. Entering, we found a neat and clean entry. I noticed that hidden in the intricate carvings were other strange carvings. More of these hidden carvings will be found throughout the house. Some were disturbing.

It took a while for us to search the first floor, finding nothing. I did notice that there was a place that seemed out of place in the corner of one room. Carefully we took the stairs up to the second floor. There were several doors around an open area. There was also a set of armor standing in the far corner.

As I was checking the doors, the armor animated and attacked. It was a tough fight but we finally prevailed. I checked the first door on the left and determined that it was safe to enter. No sooner that we were in the room, this strange apparition appeared. Again it was a tough fight and several of us were injured. Our cleric Wolfe said that the thing was a specter. One of the doors leading out of this room went into a much smaller room. It looked like a nursery, complete with a shrouded crib. Removing the shroud displayed what looked like a baby sized bundle wrapped in swaddling. Wolfe unwrapped the cloth and found nothing inside.

We returned to the open area and I went to the next door. Opening it showed that it was nothing more than a broom and cleaning closet. I stepped in to do a quick search and immediately was attacked by a broom. To make matters worse, it hit really hard and I went down.

After the fight I was healed and we continued searching the floor, finding another storage room and what we think was the parents’ bedroom. This looked like a good place to rest so we camped.

We finally ascended to the attic, it had several doors and one of them had a padlock in it. Cracking my knuckles and taking out my thieves’ tools I made swift work of opening the lock. Then someone hands me the key. Thanks a lot after its open. Just inside the door, lying on the floor were two skeletons. They were dressed just as the children outside. The boy was even clutching the same type of doll as the one outside. Shivers ran up my spine. Looking around I could see that the windows had been boarded up from the outside. Two small beds, a doll house and a toy chest were the only other things in the room.

I went to look at the chest. Right above the two skeletons, the two children appeared and it was easy to see that they were ghosts. We talked with them for a few minutes and they told us how to get to the basement. As we went to leave they tried to stop us.

As I had thought, the strange area on all the floors, held a hidden stair that could only be accessed from the attic that was obscured behind a secret door. We descended all the way to the basement. There we found crypts that belonged to the members of the family. We also found the empty crypts for the children. We returned and retrieved the skeletons of Rose and Thorn and laid them in their respective crypts. Wolfe preformed last rites as he knew them hoping they would suffice in this strange land.

Now in the basement we could catch an occasional sound of a chant but nothing intelligible. We explored for some time, finding several rooms, some with moldy mats, some with old beds. We found a pit trap in the floor and luckily no one died. Soon after the trap we were attacked by a pack of zombies. It seems that everything we fight in this place is tougher than those I’ve faced in the past.

The chanting has become louder and now we can make out the words. Not wanting to leave a possible enemy behind us, we continued to explore this area before going down a set of stairs.

We found a room with a statue of a man with his right hand on the head of a wolf statue. We wondered if this had anything to do with the werewolves. In his left upturned hand he held an orb that was about the size of a large apple. One of the ladies of our group spent a few minutes and cast Detect Magic. She said that she saw the items that we carried that were magic. She them cast Mage Hand and started to lift the orb.

This turned out to not be a good idea, as three shadows appeared and started attacking the party. We managed to get one of them down when two more appeared. Not good. Soon several of our party were down but those still able to fight finally dispatched the shadows. We really keep our cleric Wolfe busy healing us. Our young half-elf Ven picked up the orb and put in her pack.

Next we took to the stairs following the increasing volume of the chant. A strange room with small niches along the walls was at the bottom of the stairs. The niches held weird items that out bladesinger said would be useless in some rituals he read about in some books recovered upstairs. He said the rituals were bogus. Leading out of this room were two openings. I decided to inspect one and found a series of cells. Most were empty but one held a skeleton that was wearing a ring. Our sorceress again used mage hand to remove the ring as the rest of us stood guard, ready for what may happen to appear to challenge us.

As I stepped back out of that particular cell, I noticed something in the cell across the aisle, a secret door. As usual Dench went charging through. Within the room, was a large pool of murky water with a raised platform in the center with an altar on it. Above the altar were chain hanging from the ceiling and dried blood could be seen on them. Surrounding the pool was a walkway. To the left of the secret door was a portcullis that was down. On the wall near it was a wheel that would most likely open it.

To the right of the secret door what appears to be a large trash heap can be seen through another opening in the wall.

What is becoming common place for Dench, walked around the room and looked at the trash heap. Then he proceeds to go on to the platform and look at the altar. This is when it really hit the fan. This strange creature seemed to appear out of the trash. It was gross. Naturally Dench ran to attack and was soon engulfed by whatever this was. The rest of us had no choice but to try to kill this thing.

After taking Dench it put down our Warlock, it then came after me. One hit and I was down. The next thing I remember was opening my eyes and finding myself on a rickety platform high up in the air. All I could see was what looked like clouds or fog below me. Looking a little closer I could make out other platforms poking through the mist. The closest was about 20 feet away and was occupied by a cloaked figure. Hearing a sound I looked toward the base of my platform and could see nothing but vermin. Looking closer I could see them starting to make the climb up to me with blood in their eyes and their yellow teeth ready to tear me apart. I felt at my waist but found that I was unarmed. Looking out I could see the cloaked figure reaching out to me. He said jump I will catch you.

How could I jump 20 feet? It is too far. I looked over the edge again and could see that sever of the rats were nearing the top. What to do? Fight with my bare hands and probably be torn to shreds in agonizing pain or jump an impossible distance and maybe being caught with the possibility of falling to a quick death.

I backed up to the edge and leaped for the hand. All went black. Then I opened my eyes and I was back in the pool feeling fine. I moved to get out of the pool. Knowing I didn’t want to get within reach of that thing again I used my short bow. Soon Wolfe went down and the creature moved after its next victim. I ran across the pool and was able to make Wolfe stable. I returned to the assist our bladesinger in finally killing the creature.

It seems that the only casualty was poor Dench. We found a secret door and a set of stairs that took us directly to the first floor. For some reason we had not been able to find this passage except from beneath. All the items in the room have seemed to have aged extremely fast in the length of time from when we had been here before. We returned to the second floor finding here also that things were aging. We decided to take a long rest and to lick our wounds. Wolfe planned to give Dench last rites.

In the morning I ate my trail rations before we left the house. I can only call this place a death house as one of our party died in the awful place. Looking around, I was not surprised to not see the children. Within 15 minutes of eating, I was having horrible pains in my stomach, my vision was blurry and I felt like I was going to die. I think I will ask Wolfe to take a look at me.


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