Werewolves in the Mist

While at the Abbey

While being at the abbey, we learned that the abbot is trying to make strahd happy by putting different pieces of creatures together to make a bride.

Barry wanted to go searching for some books, so Thad, Andor and I went with. Making it upstairs, we see a creature with 2 heads playing an instrument. Barry tried joining him while playing but the two-headed creature didn’t enjoy Barry’s music.

Barry and I headed towards the doors to head towards the barracks. Thad and Andor joined shortly behind. We kept moving on and went into another room and found a counter desk thing that had a journal on it.

We went to another room and Barry had to go and read the dumb plaque on the wall and then these creatures, that we have seen before, started coming towards us.

Barry the bard of course, did a spell that affected the group even though it didn’t affect me this time. He doesn’t think about the group much, and just does what he wants.

The Abbot's journal

Day the First
As the Morning Lord bids me so do I follow. The Abbey of St. Markovia in Krezk has lo these many years lain desolate by the evil Strahd, who by his own hand, slayed the blessed Saint who gave the Abbey its name and hallowed its ground. I will restore it to it’s previous glory and purpose. Make it a place of healing and hope, once again. To do this I must win the trust of the villagers. They cower in fear in the village over which the Abbey looms. SO fearful are they of Strahd and his wolves that they dare not venture beyond the village walls. The wall of mist above the tree line might just as well be made of brick and mortar without a door as it imprisons them hither.

Day the Thirtieth
I have taken the guise of a mortal, pleasing and young, and gone among the villagers. Though they seem to harbor suspicion about my purpose and origin, they want to help. Certain am I that I can win their confidence to aid me in restoring this sanctuary they need so.

Fifteenth Day of the Third Month of the Third Year
While there is much left to do to recapture the former glory of this place, it is once more serving the village. They come to the doors – those ill of limb and mind and I tend to them as a shepherd would his flock. Light is returning to Barovia and in my heart I feel at peace.

Second Day of the Sixth Month of the Sixth Year
Today a sickly brood of inbred lepers appeared at our doors seeking salvation – they call themselves by the name Belview. Though there is little of beauty or good one can see upon them we will offer what we can to rid them of their dreadful infirmities.

Twenty Second Day of the Tenth Month of the Eighth Year
The Belviews are much improved. Their physical deformities have vanished under our soothing balms and salves. They are grateful and follow after me like dogs waiting to please. Still, they brandish such defects which go beyond what cures and treatments I can find in the Abbey’s texts. Or from my own Lord’s guidance. I am determined to make them whole again and bring them into the holy light.

Eighth Day of Fourth Month of the Tenth Year
I know not what more can be done to help these woeful creatures, but I must. I shall not be defeated. They cannot undo all that I have worked and strived to accomplish here.

Ninth Day of the Eighth Month of the Fifteenth Year
Their idea of what perfection means does not match mine. They have strange ideas of what it means to be human. They beg me to give them the eyes of a cat, wings to fly, the strength of a mule, the guile of a snake… I pity them. Their desire for bestial traits cannot lead to salvation, or so I believe. But if it persuades them to follow, then let it be so. I will yield to these mad desires, and hope it helps.

First Day of the Second Month of the Sixteenth Year
My first experiments have been abysmal failures – the results fatal. But yet they beg and plead. How do I go on? How can I stop now? How can I stop when the next might be success. We are so close…

Fifteenth Day of the Ninth Month of the Seventeenth Year
I am at my wit’s end.

First Day of the First Month of the Twenty-fifth Year
Today a Barovian lord named Vasili Von Holtz visited the Abbey. His outward appearance was pleasing enough, but I sensed a pervading evil about his person, and evil that penetrates to my depth. An evil that I cannot shake. His purpose, at first, was not clear, but he tells me that he has come to help. From whence he comes or why, I know not. Tonight he tells me he will reveal more as we sup.

Third Day of the Fourth Month of the Twenty-fifth Year
LIttle did I know that when Vasili arrived he would bring me the knowledge that would help me satisfy the needs of these pitiful creature who torment my soul. He brings forbidden lore from the Amber Temple. This has solved the fatal dilemma of transformation that has eluded me thus far. We have found the way to satisfy what they have asked. There is much work to do.

Twelfth Day of the Fifth Month of the Thirty-ith Year
They are happy as mongrelfolk. If insanity brings them happiness, we should all be insane.

Nineteenth Day of the Tenth Month of the Fifty-fifth Year
I have found two of these mongrelfolk who serve me poorly as guards – Otto and Zygfrek. These are two of my most impressive creations thus far. I am proud, as a father must feel.

Sixth Day of the Sixth Month of the Sixty-sixth Year
I should have known. How foolish have I been?! Or maybe I did know, but refused to believe so. Vasili has revealed himself to be the devil Strahd! What is to be done? It would be futile to attempt to slay such an immortal creature. The ancient curse upon this land protects him. He can never truly die – at least not in Barovia.

Fourteenth Day of the Sixth Month of the Sixty-sixth Year
There is more to this monster than meets the eye. Alone at supper tonight Strahd unburdened himself, and lamented the curse that has followed him day and night through the centuries. He wants nothing more than to escape Barovia. Despite myself I feel the pangs of sympathy and the urge to help him find release, and peace. I have taken it upon myself to find a cure for this “malady” of his and set him free of this torment.

Seventh Day of the Third Month of the Sixth-seventh Year
I can only see one way of curing this poor soul – reunification with his lost love. He speaks so fondly and wistfully of her. I am certain this way lies salvation for all of us. This will end Barovia’s curse once and for all.

? Day of the ? Month of the Seventy-ith Year
The Belviews languish in the madhouse as I toil on creating a golem bride for Strahd using the parts I have them scavenge from the town below.

Seventy-first Year
Training of the bride progresses slowly. She shall live again to live to love. Hah, love, the word tastes like bitteroot in my mouth. Why is LIVE evil spelled backwards? I wonder what I have wrought? Is this what the Morning Lord has sent me to do?

The lessons in etiquette and the manners of a lady move slow like the wheels of Eternity, but soon she will be ready to be presented to Strahd.

Vasilka. She is beautiful. He will be so pleased. I can feel the Morning Lord’s light again.

A Poem to the Abbot

I’ve been inspired by our encounters at the Abby!

The Abbot was feeling quite blue,
Golems in his abby were few,
So he gave a blazing rendition
On the church’s undead tradition
And the Golems in his abby soon grew.

Krezk, not quite what was expected
Andor Adventure log
After seeing Strahd at yester hill, and dealing with druids, more plant creatures, and a giant living tree; we ventured to krezk with a delivery from the Winery. Upon arrival in Krezk, we explored around town, and came a cross a pool. I shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore, but I saw Irena walk into the pool to meet a man, and then they disappeared. Ismark went after her and was struck down by lightning as we heard what I assume is Strahds voice yelling “She’s Mine”. We then went back to the burgeormasters house and found their son had been broght back from the dead by “the Abbot”. We have since ventured up to the abbey to investigate. I can only imagine what we will find here….
Finally able to get rid of Irena and Ismark

Finally, we made it back to Krezk and got the okay to leave Irena and Ismark there.

Andor, Adrien, Thad and I started walking around exploring the town. We came up on a house that seems to be more active and we saw some women run to the house. We realized that a woman in the house was giving birth. We walked in to offer our help. They need our help and delivered a healthy baby boy that does not cry. Which I thought was a bit strange. Andor did his spell thing that checks for undead creatures in the room and the baby checked out to be alive.

We made it up to the pool and Irena started have this weird conversation with a figure in the water. After the conversation, Irena went into the water and disappeared. Then a thunderstorm came with the voice “She is Mine!”. The thunder Hit Ismark killing him.

We went back to the burgomaster’s house to reconnect with the rest of the group. The next morning, we headed up to the Abbey and encountered two very weird creatures named Zigfrak and Otto.


Well the longer we stay here, the more depressing it gets. From the craziness of Valaki, now this winery who supplies the entire valley. I do have to admit, the wine is good..and I be needed it to deal with all of this.

My companions have proved to be more..interesting then I thought. The young sorceress is slightly insane. Our paladin is now on a death cursade to avenge his friends turning into vampire thrall of Strad. The theif/budding sorcerer can only eat dead or rotten things.

The Mists have taken another from the sword coast. A bard of all things. Mother was right bards are weird.

Ven's Journal Entry 44

Sasha turned on us. I don’t know what that stones for brains paladin said to her but she turned. They were yelling at each other when I stepped in between them and that’s when she hit me. I still don’t know exactly what happened because as much as we tried she wouldn’t talk to us. She ran off when Strahd came to the figure atop Yester Hill.

I hope she trusts us enough to come back. As I write this, my companions have gone up the hill to investigate. I hope they don’t encounter any other foes there.

New Friends At Last!

Barrimos here (Two Rs and one S please remember!) and at last! I’ve found companions who know what the sword coast is. I feel so pleased to have found them. They are quite the group and seem to have run afoul of some druids and some legendary vampire lord. At least the vampire isn’t some sort of angsty teenager! The group itself seems okay but their wizard seemed to want to stress on me the importance of what his hands look like while casting a fireball spell v a fire bolt…I’m not sure if he is warning me or trying to teach me a lesson?

Needless to say I hope to tag along with them and record their epic adventures. Speaking of adventures we were thrown into one almost immediately! I was able to join the group in tackling those zany Druids and putting an end to their nefarious plot to destroy the winery. Of course the winery until all the gems are found is out of business anyway. Still the adventure was quite amazing and will certainly make for a good song…Maybe a poem?

Unfortunately one of our companions turned out to be a vampire and when the Paladin pointed this out to her she grew quite distressed. It was about this time we saw the giant plant man the druids were bringing to life. So here we were fighting among ourselves when giant twig man (evidently an effigy of the aforementioned Vampire Lord) began to walk towards us. A pitched battle ensued and we successfully destroyed the creature! Huzzah!

We made our way up the hill and encountered more Druids and eventually an old tree which we theorized was the source of the power of the twigs. Despite being tired we once more launched ourselves into the fray and destroyed the deciduous evil from this plane of existence!

Now…as long as the wizard doesn’t cook with me a fire bolt or fireball, I think things will be much better going forward!

Enough with the Plant Creatures

Plants and more plants. Why can’t we find something normal like goblins of orcs or something like that, but no, we find more plants who are bent on killing us.

Well let me digress a little. After we took care of the druids and plant creatures in the winery, the owners showed up. Naturally they thanked us and said we could have a wagon full of wine to take to Krezk. They then proceeded to tell us that it may be the last of the wine to be produced here. It seems that there were at one time, three magic gems that were hidden within the fields of the vineyard that made it possible for the grapes to grow and ripen even without the sun. The gems each helped produce a different variety of wine.

Well one of the gems had been stolen many years ago and the other two just recently. It appears that in the last few weeks the other two gems had been dug up and are missing. Now the vineyard is in trouble. Davian Martikov thinks that the druids have taken one of the gems to Yester Hill.

Considering how much the locals need the wine to stay at least a little sane, our illustrious group has volunteered to go and try to retrieve that gem.

While we were talking to Davian, we heard the door open and everyone was ready to kill whatever came through. In walked this half-elf humming to himself. The poor guy didn’t know how close he came to being dead. He said that he had been wandering around for a couple of months. I can’t figure how he managed to stay alive for that length of time. After a period of discussion it was decided to allow him to accompany our group. Some of us plan to keep an eye on him, as it looks a little suspicious for him to find us now.

Before we left the winery the next morning, Davian had one of his children fly over Yester Hill and report back with information (they are all were-ravens). The report is that at the top of the hill, is a very large stick or wicker effigy of Strahd. Other than that they saw no one else.

After a couple of hours hiking we came to the base of a fairly tall hill. Large rock cairns circled the hill every 50’ or so. We started up the path for a little ways when our paladin did a “Divine Sense”. Turns out that it wasn’t a good idea. Evidently our companion Sasha was undead. Andor mentioned it to her and she freaked totally. The rest of us tried to console her but to no avail. She ended up attacking several of us. Finally Ven levitated her, but that was when we saw what turned out to be Strahd flying toward the hill on a flaming horse.

We made fast tracks for the trees at the base of the hill. Ven dismissed the levitate spell and Sasha ran into the forest. We haven’t seen her since. Strahd continued on toward the top of the hill to see the effigy.

It was soon after that we were set upon by more of the plant creatures. Then the big effigy came striding down the hill. Leave it to us, to make things tough. Someone cast a spell at the big guy and the fight was really on.

Just as I was getting ready to get into the thick of things, I heard something in my head that called to me. Stealthily I crept to one of the mounds, taking no chances. Finally I got to one. Something was inside, but I didn’t know what. I started to pull rocks off the pile. Soon I uncovered a spear that looked to dried blood stains on the head. Once I took it in my hands, I no longer heard the voice. Turning back toward the group I saw that the battle was in full swing. I ran full bore to get back.

As I ran up, I saw the big guy fall, but there were several of the smaller plant things about. Not having used a spear before, it took me a little time to get the hang of it. I took a couple of hits and so did some of the others. Finally we were the only things moving. We looked up to see Strahd astride his flaming mount watching us. I figured he would probably come down and wipe us out. Instead he just flew away. Someone dug into the sticks and twigs of the dead big thing and came up with a glowing gem. I hope it is one of the missing ones.

Ven, Maylynn and I decided to stay where we were to rest for an hour to recover from the fight a little. Old Wolf stayed with us as protection. The others headed up the hill where Adrien’s raven said he had seen some druids doing something.

It wasn’t too long before the raven came and lit on Ven’s shoulder and cawed several times. We took this to be a sign that our presence was requested. We couldn’t and didn’t hurry so that we could still heal as we ambled up the hill.

On getting to the top, we saw the bodies of several druids and several berserkers. The others said one of the wounded druids had said that we would lose the battle because they had a tree that could make endless plant creature. A couple of the others had walked over to where the tree was but left quickly because it looked scary.

It took a while, but we finally prevailed and defeated the tree and its smaller companions. Like I said earlier, enough with the plant creatures.

I hate plants

While at the winery, this new guy shows up and wants to join us in our adventure. So far he is a weird one, always wanting to hear stories. But we let him join.

At the winery we learn that the grapes were only growing because of some magical gems that were buried in the ground. Now all 3 have been stolen and the winery will no longer be able to produce wine for the different towns.

As we are on our way to yester hill looking for a magical gem, we learned that Sasha is an undead creature of some sort. While coming up on the hill, Sasha started yelling “Don’t touch me” and then she attacked Ven.

After calming Sasha, we noticed Strahad in the sky on a flying horse. Then noticed a big tree/plant thing on the top of the hill.

Meanwhile, back at the tree line, we see a big plant creature come to life and a lot of little twig things coming towards us.

Big plant thing hit Andor pretty hard but we took it down and all the stupid twigs no problem.
After that fight, Thad, Ven, Old Wolfie, and myself stayed behind to take a short rest as the rest went on up the hill. After a while, we decided to start walking slowly on the path towards the rest of the group.

We made it up to the group and then some creatures started coming at us and we started attacking them. While fighting these creature things, Barry (new guy) decided it would be fun to make it where I couldn’t move during the fight. We finished that fight no problem and headed back to the magical tree and saw more of those stupid twig things.

Old Wolfie took the magical battle ace out of the tree.


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