Day 1
Ven, Maylynn, Adrien, Dench, Old Wolf, and Thadius (main party) meet with Lady Marwen in Daggerford, learn of werewolf problem.

Day 2
Main party makes preparations for expedition.

Day 3
Main party embarks on expedition, follows tracks, is enveloped by mist/fog, makes camp at night.

Day 4
Main party continues following path though forest, comes upon gates of Barovia. Continuing on, they encounter some zombies, meet Strahd, camp for the night.

Andor and companions receive letter pleading for help.

Day 5
Main party reaches Barovia village, responds to request from Rose & Thorn Durst to help with monster in their house. Party enters house, explores all four floors.

Andor and companions set out for Barovia.

Day 6 (Full moon)
Early morning, Andor gets separated from his companions, spends hours lost in the fog/woods, eventually finds road and heads towards Barovia.

Main party descends to basement/dungeon level, deals with creatures there, kills Lorghoth the Decayer. Dench dies.

Late afternoon, Andor emerges from Svalich Woods on his way to Barovia village, spots house off road, investigates, takes shelter for the night.

Day 7
Andor, continues on to Barovia village.

Main party exits house, visit’s Bildrath’s Mercantile and Blood of the Vine Tavern. They meet Ismark Kolyanovich.

Andor arrives in town, encounters Morgantha, hears sobbing coming from Mary’s Townhouse, and speaks to Mary learning of her daughter, Gertruda’s disappearance. He then heads to the tavern where he meets up with the rest of the group.

Entire group is persuaded by Ismark to come to his home to meet his sister, Ireena Kolyana. Ireena has caught the attention of Strahd and Ismark wants the characters to help escort her to hopeful safety across the valley.

Party helps convey the deceased burgomaster’s body to the Church of the Morninglord where they meet Fr Grigori Donavich and learn of the situation with his son, Doru Grigorivich.

Character’s spend the day, and night, at the church.

Day 8
Funeral in the morning. Fight with wolves & Strahd. Simultaneous fight with Doru.
Characters are kicked out of church. Rest up the remainder of the day.

Day 9
Characters depart Barovia Village.
Encounter crossroads, gallows. Fight wolves, dire wolves, hell hounds.
Arrive at Tser Pool encampment of vistani, receive reading from Madam Eva.
Arrive at Vallaki in evening, see Izek Strazni, go to St Andral’s Church, hear many rumors.

Day 10
Pursue leads regarding missing bones, go to coffinmaker’s shop, recover bones.
Visit Blue Water Inn, meet Danica & Urwin, wait for Rictavio. Guards arrive to escort party to meet with Baron Vallakovich. Meet with burgomaster. Burgomaster extends a personal invitation to the party to attend the upcoming festival.
Go to Lake Zarovich, confront Bluto, rescue Arabelle.
Turn in Bluto, return Arabelle to vistani camp south of Vallakovich.
Meet Luvash and Arrigal. Luvash agrees to send riders with a message to Andor’s friends.
Return to Blue Water Inn, meet Szoldar and Yevgeni (wolf hunters), and Nikolai and Karl Wachter.
Andor and Maylynn return to the church for the night. The rest of the group stays at the inn.

Day 11
Thadius notices a man, Rictavio, departing the inn early in the morning. Ven, Valko, and Thadius ( group 1) attempt to follow, but lose the man in the streets.
Returning to the inn, Thadius breaks into Rictavio’s room while Ven works to distract Danica.
Andor, Maylynn, and Adrien (group 2) head out to check out the Arasek Stockyards while group 1 discusses plans at the inn. At stockyards, find Rictavio’s wagon, meet Rictavio.
On the way back to inn, see Blinsky puppet show, visit Blinsky’s shop.
Group 1 ventures out to scout the Wachterhaus. They also see that the coffinmaker’s shop has been burnt to the ground.
Group 2 returns to the inn. They meet up with Ismark, have conversation with Danica and Rictavio (really Rudolph van Richten), & learn many things.
Group 1 returns to inn and sees a group of guards gathering outside the inn. They warn those inside.
Party assists Rictavio in making his escape from town, defeating guards and Izek in the process. Sasha shows up to help party with fight.
Party returns to inn and celebrate with steaks for lunch. Ernst Larnak shows up and delivers invitation to dinner at the Wachterhaus.
Party has dinner with Lady Wachter.

Day 12
Party, minus Ven, attends Festival of the Burning Sun, fights Strahd.
Depart Vallaki, journey to Rictavio’s tower. Hilarity ensues.
Group takes refuge in the tower for a long rest. Pack of wolves/werewolves show up.

Day 13
Party travels to Krezk, then turns to head to the Wizard of Wines.

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