Werewolves in the Mist

A Confused Thad

Things have been different. I don’t know really why. Ever since I had that dream while we were in the death house, I feel different. Almost any food I eat makes me sick. I have tried wines, water, and trail rations. Yup, they all made me feel horrid.

I don’t know why, but I grabbed a brown wilted flower from the room in Ismark‚Äôs house where they had kept his brothers’ coffin. I was so hungry. It went down fine and took the edge off my hunger just a little. Why did that wilted flower not bother me where normal real food tears up my stomach.

Well enough of that. The group left Barovia with Ismark & Ireena Kolyana. Our task is to get her to Vallaki. We thought that it wouldn’t be too hard since it is only about a day’s hike. Yeah right.

First we came upon a small graveyard that was overshadowed by an old gallows. When we first saw it, there was a frayed rope fluttering in the small breeze. I looked away and back, and there was a body hanging from a noose. The body was of some local and was all grey. I heard Ven say she might cast Mage hand and touch the body. Rendel started moving forward to look closer. Then a spectral hand appeared near the body and then touched it. The body crumbled to dust and was blown away on the breeze.

I had the strange feeling of the texture of the cloth that had been on the body. I looked at Ven and she was just standing there looking mystified.

We looked at the small grave area and there was about 8 or nine headstones, all blank. Strange. Then we saw an open grave with a carved headstone. I moved closer and saw the name of our dwarven cleric carved there. But he is not dead.

Then we got to the Vistani camp. This got spooky real fast. The old lady in the tent seemed to know all our names before we even told her. She dealt out 5 cards from a weird deck of cards and told a kind of fortune. But the spookiest was when she gave personal readings. She seemed to know that I could not eat normal food and I had told no one. There were other things that she said, that I will have to think about for a while.

We also had a battle with wolves, hellhounds and even three dire wolves. I don’t know why, but I felt that I could have done things different. Not a clue what.

We final make it to Vallaki just before they closed the palisade gates for the night. I think we will head to church and spend the night. Days like this really make me wonder what is going on.



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