Werewolves in the Mist

Andor's Journal entry.

I have joined a group of adventurers that I met at the Inn in Barovia. They seem friendly enough, although a couple of them are a bit odd. Anyway, I found out that I had been tricked and the Burgomaster is already dead. This strange Strahd vampire is keeping anyone from leaving, and is obsessed with Ireena Kolyana. After taking her to the chapel in Barovia, Strahd showed up with some of his minions. We were able to deal with his minions, and with the help of Kord I sent Strahd away…. for now.

We have traveled to Vallaki and plan to stay in the Church and see what we can find out here, I hope to find Ergan and Martess in this place. We stopped at a Vistani camp along the way, and met a fortune teller named Eva. She gave us a strange reading involving a wizard, and enchanter, a Paladin, the mists, and the Darklord. Not sure how much I trust her, but it is worth remembering, as this is a strange place. She gave me a personal reading saying that I will find something and lose something, but I will have great opportunity. Such is life, so she may be just another gypsy looking for money.



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