Werewolves in the Mist

I hate plants

While at the winery, this new guy shows up and wants to join us in our adventure. So far he is a weird one, always wanting to hear stories. But we let him join.

At the winery we learn that the grapes were only growing because of some magical gems that were buried in the ground. Now all 3 have been stolen and the winery will no longer be able to produce wine for the different towns.

As we are on our way to yester hill looking for a magical gem, we learned that Sasha is an undead creature of some sort. While coming up on the hill, Sasha started yelling “Don’t touch me” and then she attacked Ven.

After calming Sasha, we noticed Strahad in the sky on a flying horse. Then noticed a big tree/plant thing on the top of the hill.

Meanwhile, back at the tree line, we see a big plant creature come to life and a lot of little twig things coming towards us.

Big plant thing hit Andor pretty hard but we took it down and all the stupid twigs no problem.
After that fight, Thad, Ven, Old Wolfie, and myself stayed behind to take a short rest as the rest went on up the hill. After a while, we decided to start walking slowly on the path towards the rest of the group.

We made it up to the group and then some creatures started coming at us and we started attacking them. While fighting these creature things, Barry (new guy) decided it would be fun to make it where I couldn’t move during the fight. We finished that fight no problem and headed back to the magical tree and saw more of those stupid twig things.

Old Wolfie took the magical battle ace out of the tree.



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