Werewolves in the Mist

interesting as we got to wizard of wines

We head to the wizards of wines, on the way we ran into some tree looking things and an old person that tried to attack. We dealt with them no problem and continued on our way.

We have Wizards of Wine in our sight, we start walking towards the building and got stopped by a man in the woods. He told us he was the owner and that druids and tree blites were taking over the building and the land which explains why the delivers have stopped. We told him that was why we were there and asked where these creatures were.

We headed towards the house when some tree looking things popped out of no where and started attacking. More and more of them came along with some druids. We dealt with them and then all got to the porch of winery to catch our breath before the next round of things come. We all know there is more….



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