Werewolves in the Mist

Maylynn's Journal Entry

We left Barovia with Ismark and his sister Ireena to get Ireena to Vallaki to be safe from Strahd. While on our way we walked by this graveyard, we saw a body hanging from a rope. When I looked at it better, I recognized myself as the body hanging there. I tried letting the others know and they just tried to convince me it was some local guy. Then Ven was going to touch it and Thad was walking towards it and that is when I noticed the body crumbled and turned into dust and blew away with the wind. We looked at the graves and noticed 8 or 9 of the headstones were blank, and one of the headstones that our buddy’s name on it, but he is not dead. So that was really creepy along with seeing myself hanging from rope in a tree.

We then ran into some wolves, dire wolves, and hellhounds and survived.

We then arrived at the Vistani Camp, and that is where things started to get a little spooky. The lady in the big tent invited us in and knew our names before we told her, and then did this weird fortune telling thing with cards for the whole group and then personal readings for everyone else.

We finally made it to Vallaki and plan on heading to the church for the night.



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