Werewolves in the Mist

Plant Creatures Yuck

If I never see another plant creature it will be too soon. Even the filthy stinky druids that seemed to be controlling them were just as bad.

Well, let me elaborate a little. Our group had gone to the Wizard of Wines vineyard to try to get some wine to take to the village of Krezk so that we could get rid of Ireena and Izmark.

Even before we got quite to the area we were set up on by a bunch of plant creatures and a human wearing dirty, smelly animal skins. It wasn’t too tough of a battle, but little did we know what was to come. As soon as we entered the vineyard area, we were attacked by more of the plant creatures, only this time there were two different types; the smaller ones that weren’t too much of a problem, and a larger variety that were downright nasty. The bigger ones could throw pieces of wood that were kind of like darts. They hurt.

I guess we took care of about 25 -30 of them before some of them were accompanied by a couple of druids. Finally we finished off all those that we found outside and proceeded to enter the winery proper. Inside we again encountered more of the plant creatures and druids. During this fight, we saw one of the druids pouring something into one of the large wine vats (it turned out to be poison).

It took a while and a few wounds, but we prevailed in the battle. One of the druids had this wooden staff and was facing off against Ven. A raven flew into one of the upper windows and told Ven to break the staff. It took a little time for others to get into the room to assist Ven, but they finally arrived and killed the druid. Ven told them to break the staff.

As soon as it was broken, all other plant creatures in the area died. When this happened, the owners of the winery came out of the woods and thanked us. This is when we found out that all wines in the vats were poisoned. Maylynn cast purify food and drink to salvage all remaining wine.

No more plant creatures please.



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