Werewolves in the Mist

Small Wonders

Can this be true?

Thad thinks back to the last few days. What is happening? Can it be true? Am I a Sorcerer?

I know the dreams are different, like nothing that I have ever had before. The strands that I see and I seem to pluck them in a certain way, then my dream changes.

It seems that the first time anything happened was when we were at the small cemetery and we saw this corpse hanging from a gallows. Ven had mentioned she might use Mage Hand, as I watch a ghostly hand appeared and touched the body. Several days later Ven mentioned that she hadn’t cast the spell.

The second time, was when the whole group was walking down the street. I was so hungry I almost couldn’t stand it. I happened to glance down one of the allies and saw a garbage pile. All of a sudden the ghostly hand appeared, picked up a couple of spoiled lettuce. It then carried it to me. I thanked Ven but she denied casting the spell. She asked if I had cast it and of course I said no, I’m not a caster.

Neither of those times had I consciously cast the spell.

Finally we were sitting in the inn and I began to think that maybe I could cast the spell. I concentrated on creating the hand at a nearby empty table. I almost lost it when it appeared just where I tried to make it. I repeated the spell several times feeling more confident with each casting.

Ven noticed what I was doing and said something. I don’t really know what she had said as I was engrossed in practice. It might have been “You are a sorcerer”. It could have been something else, I don’t know.

I think is was the next day, several of us were on out way back to the inn from a visit to the stockyard to check out the brightly colored wagon, when we saw a large group of the city guard near the front door of the inn. It looked like they were ready for a fight. We snuck around and entered the back door.

Inside the remainder of our group were sitting at a table with the pointy eared traveler Rictavio. We told them about the guards and it was suggested that we leave at once by way of the rear entrance. It seems that the guard was after Rictavio. He got his horse from the inn’s stable and we proceeded to the stockyard so he could hitch up his wagon and leave town.

Just after we entered the stockyard, we saw several of the city guard and their claw armed boss, Izek Strazni. He said something to the effect that we were all under arrest because we were associating with Rictavio,

Needless to say a fight ensued. As we were fighting I decided to try and pluck a different set of strands. I pointed my finger and “Wow!” some kind of ray blasted out and hit a guard. He didn’t seem to like it. I did it one more time before I waded into the fight using my rapier.

We managed to kill them all and get out of the stockyard unseen, or so we thought. That night at the inn as we were having dinner, some one (Ernst Larnak) came to our table and said that he had seen what had happened. He then went on to invite us all to have dinner with Fiona Watcher.



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