Werewolves in the Mist

While at the Abbey

While being at the abbey, we learned that the abbot is trying to make strahd happy by putting different pieces of creatures together to make a bride.

Barry wanted to go searching for some books, so Thad, Andor and I went with. Making it upstairs, we see a creature with 2 heads playing an instrument. Barry tried joining him while playing but the two-headed creature didn’t enjoy Barry’s music.

Barry and I headed towards the doors to head towards the barracks. Thad and Andor joined shortly behind. We kept moving on and went into another room and found a counter desk thing that had a journal on it.

We went to another room and Barry had to go and read the dumb plaque on the wall and then these creatures, that we have seen before, started coming towards us.

Barry the bard of course, did a spell that affected the group even though it didn’t affect me this time. He doesn’t think about the group much, and just does what he wants.



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