Werewolves in the Mist

While at the Mansion

We made it to the mansion, we as a group walk around until we saw some spiders then Adrien went back to the front since he fears spiders. The rest of us continued to go around the mansion until we got back to the front and we realized that Adrien was not there.

We decided to go inside and go up the stairs and some of us went into a room and woke up a baby dragon that flew by and down the hall to the stairs. after that room we checked other rooms, Barry noticed a bust of Andor’s head sitting on a pedestal in a corner behind a certain.

We made it to the chapel (from above) and saw 3 creatures kneeling before the alter. These creatures turned around and told Adrien (bottom level) “Get out” and started walking towards him. We started attacking these creatures.

After that fight. Ven and I headed up the stairs as the rest of the group went down stairs.



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