Adrien Tepes


Born and raised in a middle class family. Lived his whole life in Evermeet. From a young age he has been interested in the Arcane, and watching his mother Lillian, who is an accomplished magic user in her own right, practice her craft, cemented it in him. When he was researching which school of magic he wanted to follow he came upon the art of the bladesong.

Learning front the masters of blade and magic gave him many opportunities to further is craft and station in life. In that time he heard of the plans of sending a representative to Fareun. So he added diplomacy to his repertoire, and got the chance to be the ambassador to Fareun.

Now a chance to further Evermeet’s goals has come about, taking care of this werewolf problem for the local nobility will hopefully get him access to the higher ups.

Personality trait(s): Kind, soft spoken, has a “bleeding heart”, for the less fortunate.

Ideal: Inquisitive but reserved in his dealings with the kindly folk on the journey.

Bond: My family means the most to me. I will do what I can to get home to them safe and sound. And hopefully raise the status of them.

Flaw: Bleeding heart for the suffering. Going out of the way to help them. Even sometimes at the cost of the mission.

Personal goal: To raise my family to new heights, to become more powerful and renowned across the realm.

Adrien Tepes

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