Werewolves in the Mist

A poem to the fair Esmeralda

Peg Leg Essy

Peg Leg Esmeralda went out one night to get a little gin
She went up to the baron’s house, but the baron wasn’t in
She rapped and rapped and rapped and rapped, she rapped all night in vain
When all of a sudden came a ‘knock’, ‘knock’, ‘knock’ upon the window pane
Up to the window, she turned her head and the baron she did spy
And she thought by the way he turned his head, that he should surely die
“Come down, come down,” said Peg Leg Esmeralda “and sit on the porch with me”
There down he came and sat on the porch as evil and majestic as ever you’d see
But all of a sudden, here came von Richten, driving the village hack
With a roar, a bellow a ‘hey young fellow’, he started for the Baron in black
The Baron went off with a yip and a shout, for life to him was sweet
And Esmeralda’s peg leg went ‘knock’, ‘knock’, ‘knock’ down the village street
The old mule cried, the fat lady screamed, the constable let out a yell
She grabbed old man Von Richten by the collar and locked him in the cell
Peg Leg Esmeralda, she hurried back to the Baron to kill him in his bed
But found that he had gone and married a girl named Tatiana instead
Poor Esmeralda, she cried and then she bellowed and then began to roar
She jumped on a ship with her ‘knock’, ‘knock’, ‘knock’ and sailed away from shore
She sailed away, so far away, she sailed as fast as sin
But alas for poor Esmeralda the fog only allows you in



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