Werewolves in the Mist

Enough with the Plant Creatures

Plants and more plants. Why can’t we find something normal like goblins of orcs or something like that, but no, we find more plants who are bent on killing us.

Well let me digress a little. After we took care of the druids and plant creatures in the winery, the owners showed up. Naturally they thanked us and said we could have a wagon full of wine to take to Krezk. They then proceeded to tell us that it may be the last of the wine to be produced here. It seems that there were at one time, three magic gems that were hidden within the fields of the vineyard that made it possible for the grapes to grow and ripen even without the sun. The gems each helped produce a different variety of wine.

Well one of the gems had been stolen many years ago and the other two just recently. It appears that in the last few weeks the other two gems had been dug up and are missing. Now the vineyard is in trouble. Davian Martikov thinks that the druids have taken one of the gems to Yester Hill.

Considering how much the locals need the wine to stay at least a little sane, our illustrious group has volunteered to go and try to retrieve that gem.

While we were talking to Davian, we heard the door open and everyone was ready to kill whatever came through. In walked this half-elf humming to himself. The poor guy didn’t know how close he came to being dead. He said that he had been wandering around for a couple of months. I can’t figure how he managed to stay alive for that length of time. After a period of discussion it was decided to allow him to accompany our group. Some of us plan to keep an eye on him, as it looks a little suspicious for him to find us now.

Before we left the winery the next morning, Davian had one of his children fly over Yester Hill and report back with information (they are all were-ravens). The report is that at the top of the hill, is a very large stick or wicker effigy of Strahd. Other than that they saw no one else.

After a couple of hours hiking we came to the base of a fairly tall hill. Large rock cairns circled the hill every 50’ or so. We started up the path for a little ways when our paladin did a “Divine Sense”. Turns out that it wasn’t a good idea. Evidently our companion Sasha was undead. Andor mentioned it to her and she freaked totally. The rest of us tried to console her but to no avail. She ended up attacking several of us. Finally Ven levitated her, but that was when we saw what turned out to be Strahd flying toward the hill on a flaming horse.

We made fast tracks for the trees at the base of the hill. Ven dismissed the levitate spell and Sasha ran into the forest. We haven’t seen her since. Strahd continued on toward the top of the hill to see the effigy.

It was soon after that we were set upon by more of the plant creatures. Then the big effigy came striding down the hill. Leave it to us, to make things tough. Someone cast a spell at the big guy and the fight was really on.

Just as I was getting ready to get into the thick of things, I heard something in my head that called to me. Stealthily I crept to one of the mounds, taking no chances. Finally I got to one. Something was inside, but I didn’t know what. I started to pull rocks off the pile. Soon I uncovered a spear that looked to dried blood stains on the head. Once I took it in my hands, I no longer heard the voice. Turning back toward the group I saw that the battle was in full swing. I ran full bore to get back.

As I ran up, I saw the big guy fall, but there were several of the smaller plant things about. Not having used a spear before, it took me a little time to get the hang of it. I took a couple of hits and so did some of the others. Finally we were the only things moving. We looked up to see Strahd astride his flaming mount watching us. I figured he would probably come down and wipe us out. Instead he just flew away. Someone dug into the sticks and twigs of the dead big thing and came up with a glowing gem. I hope it is one of the missing ones.

Ven, Maylynn and I decided to stay where we were to rest for an hour to recover from the fight a little. Old Wolf stayed with us as protection. The others headed up the hill where Adrien’s raven said he had seen some druids doing something.

It wasn’t too long before the raven came and lit on Ven’s shoulder and cawed several times. We took this to be a sign that our presence was requested. We couldn’t and didn’t hurry so that we could still heal as we ambled up the hill.

On getting to the top, we saw the bodies of several druids and several berserkers. The others said one of the wounded druids had said that we would lose the battle because they had a tree that could make endless plant creature. A couple of the others had walked over to where the tree was but left quickly because it looked scary.

It took a while, but we finally prevailed and defeated the tree and its smaller companions. Like I said earlier, enough with the plant creatures.



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