Werewolves in the Mist

Ven's Journal Entry 43

This area seems both familiar and unfamiliar. Like going back to a town you haven’t been to in years. When we came upon the winery it had been over run by monsters conjured by druids. I have met a few druids in my travels and these were nothing like the ones I had met except for the use of plant magic. We delt with these druids and their creations handily and spoke with the owner of the winery, Davian who is Danica’s father in law.

I can still feel Rogelio with me. His memories and mine are so near. When Davian told us about the missing gems that gave the land its fertility I thought surely Rogelio would remember such powerful artifacts. But their existence was a closely held secret of the Martikov family.

If we are to defeat Strahd, and I truly believe that is the only way we will be able to get the potions the Vistani spoke of, we must have the support of as many people in this gods forsaken valley as possible. We must get these gems back.



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